Wednesday 10/19/2022

Horse: Mariah Age: unknown guessing middle aged Breed: Morgan It was a gorgeous day so I decided to see if a friend of mine wanted to ride…as I have not ridden for like a year, again. So I had the itch pretty bad, text her and she was game, but I said I wanted to …

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Horse Fence Coral

Horse Fence/Coral

Hi All, we finally got our Horse Fence/Coral up!!  We decided to go with wood fence, so that it would be safer for the horses and less maintenance as far as fixing and tightening wire fence every year. The posts are 6 inches in diameter, this will make it nice and strong for larger horses …

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My New Place!

I am so excited, we finally bought a place in the country so I can have horses in my backyard!!! I have been waiting a long time for this. We actually got the place a couple months ago so I have been busy planning the layout for horses, as the person who owned it right …

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My Riding Journey

This is my riding journey…so a little background I have been riding off and on since about 7th grade with minimal lessons as there are just no trainers in my area. I took a long break from riding as in I have rode about 2 times in the past 6 years, however, I have just …

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