Wednesday 9/2/2020 – Ride 3

Horse: Indy – 17 or 18 year old Warmblood, currently retired, has been used a little in Dressage & Cross Country

Now we’re getting to business, or so I thought.  I had “done my homework” researched watched some of my old lessons and thought I’d have him on the bit and steady in an hour.  I even recorded audio of myself to listen to while I rode reminding myself of the following:
–          Walk on light contact, push forward, when he gives release rein
–          Don’t pull, just stay steady in middle
–          Be sure arms are bent, not down
–          If he dives, push LIGHTLY Forward…less dramatic, as you want balance
–          Remember to keep him straight
–          Do halt/walk transitions first…see if can keep round, then walk/trot transitions
–          Don’t steer by pulling inside rein, use both
–          Just follow less with reins if he goes up
–          Leg, outside rein, inside rein
–          Use shoulders to slow or halt vs. pulling
–          When you halt if he really pulls you can keep one rein and give the other
My observations of Horse:
–          Still seemed to be fairly unsteady and pulling
–          Was not willing to stop and stand, wanted to pull straight through my hand and keep walking