Horse Fence Coral

Horse Fence/Coral

Hi All, we finally got our Horse Fence/Coral up!!  We decided to go with wood fence, so that it would be safer for the horses and less maintenance as far as fixing and tightening wire fence every year.

The posts are 6 inches in diameter, this will make it nice and strong for larger horses that may push or lean up against the fence.  We decided to go with a happy medium on board width, they are 2”x8” wide and 16’ long with the posts spaced 8’ apart.  We went with 3 boards and spaced them 10” apart to prevent horses from reaching through or underneath them.

We did everything in treated wood to stand up to the weather here, as we get very hot and cold temps as well as snow, rain, etc.

This pen measures about 67’ wide so I can do a 20 meter circle, lunge, or use it as a round pen if need be.  It is 85’ long on the long backside, has a lean too for shelter, and automatic water tank.  The boards measure about 4’6” in height at the top rail (so I can still see over the top…lol).

We added a total of four gates one on each side for easy access; three of them are walk through gates that are 4 feet wide and one bigger gate that is 12 feet long for tractors and other equipment to get through.

 We tried to make this pen as versatile as possible because currently it is the only fenced in area on the property.

I will keep you posted on how I like it and how effective it is.

Now we just need the horse!