Wednesday 8/19/2020 – Ride 2

Horse: Indy – 17 or 18 year old Warmblood, currently retired, has been used a little in Dressage & Cross Country

–          Rode in grass arena & English Saddle
My observations of Horse:
–          Mounting – does not like to stand still after getting on
–          Walk – ok – when squeeze with legs does not drop head, worked on that
–          Trot – hard to get good upward transition is stiff, downward transition is good, stays on bit
–          Not consistent in trot, hard to keep steady, wants to put head up when I push forward, then lower head, then up
My observations of me:
–          Need to get much stronger so my balance is steady and good
–          Need to be sure when I ask for more forward I do it lightly so it is not abrupt and both of us loose balance
–          Don’t revert to pulling on reins even if he does and gets heavy
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